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Regenesis Training is dedicated to developing qualified therapists. The gap between tertiary education and the working world has become wider, leaving junior therapists lost and confused and spa and salon owners without competent staff. Regenesis performs training for therapists in sales, skin and body therapy; offering guidance on how to see themselves as experts in their field of work. Regenesis Training helps therapists become valuable to the business and earn the salary they desire.

Training was awesome! Laurien is the best in her field when it comes to sales training. I am so glad I came; I have better ways and methods on how to create, upgrade & close a sale. Training was very much appreciated & was urgently NEEDED! - Melissa

This training was very interesting and I learned a lot! Laurien is an amazing trainer & she has so much knowledge to share - Amy

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Founders Biography

Laurien Lawrence is an experienced therapist, master retailer, motivator, and lifelong student. Laurien realized early in her career, while working abroad, that without continuous learning and training a therapist quickly falls short. By following her specific procedures and learning more about how to maximise on each treatment, the therapist, client and business owner benefits. Laurien's passion for the industry and training is evident and this allows her courses to stand in a league of their own.


The Sales Formula: Are you frustrated with demotivated staff? Is your business struggling to get sales up? The sales formula covers all aspects of the client's experience, introduces therapists to the beauty of outstanding customer service & teaches them the steps to increasing sales.

The Skincare Guru: Therapists are not as confident as they should be when it comes to accurately explaining skin conditions such as ageing and acne. The Skincare Guru includes training on common skin conditions and their treatments, not only by therapists, but also what is commonly prescribed by doctors. Therapists are then able to perform better, more in depth consultations and able to treat, recommend and sell better.

The Body Therapy Professional: Not every client is the same, not every massage is equal. Therapist's most common complaint is not enjoying massage and most therapists give every client the same boring massage! The Body Therapy Specialist teaches therapists more about body ailments, disorders and conditions and how to effectively treat them. Therapists are able to care for their own bodies by paying more attention to posture. They are able to treat better by using their bodies to provide better pressure and offer a more effective and unique treatment to each client.

Manuals are charged separately per candidate for each course.
Pricing dependent on number of staff & venue.
Please contact Laurien for quotes & more information.